This is the Victoria Justice wiki quiz. If you know anything about Vic, test your skills here!

1. What is Victoria's sister's name? A. Sammi B. Lynsey C. Victoria

2. What shows have Victoria worked on? A. Kailey B. Zoey 101, Victorious, Suite Life of Zack and Cody C. Dinkers and Lyn

3. What is Victoria's full name? A. Victoria Lindsay Justice B. Victoria Dawn Justice C. Victoria Elizabeth Justice

4. When is Victoria's birthday? A. February 12 1993 B. February 19 1993 C. February 25 1993

5. What are the characters she portrayed on TV? A. Lola Martinez, Rebecca, Tori Vega B. Lanie Martinez, Rachael, Tori Vega C. Gwen Toles, Reese, Tora Vega

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